Domain Names

As we are video production company that produce high quality video  for the web, we are acutely aware of the need for a Premium domain name to attract customers to YOUR website, and not your competitor. We have a large variety of premium generic .com and .com.au domain names. Understanding the power a generic domain has in the right web building hands is something that we dont take lightly. Here is a just small list of the 100's  of premium generics that we currently hold or have recently sold.

Your domain is 100% unique to you and is the one thing that sets you apart from your competitors. If you don't own your industries premium generic domain name, then someone else will.

www.tattoos.com.au - $xx,xxx

www.people.com.au - $xx,xxx
www.tattooremoval.com.au - Sold ($xx,xxx)

www.tattooremovals.com.au - $x,xxx

www.hail.com - Sold ($xxx,xxx)

www.tungs.com - $x,xxx

www.peey.com - $x,xxx

www.wediography.com - $x,xxx

www.pdrtraining.com - Sold ($x,xxx)